In order to provide round the clock medical facilities to the students, Medic Aid  is provide to Students and Staff Members.BKSJGI possesses a fully fledged medical dispensary under the supervision of well qualified and experienced doctors as well as nurses. Salient features in this regard are:-

24 hour medical care availability Free medicines to students & staff from the college dispensary BKSJGI has a tie up with surrounding hospitals including Fortis Hospital, Amandeep Hospital, Ivy Hospital etc for concessional consultancy, tests and treatment To deal with emergency cases, college transport is available round the clock to carry the patients for treatment at surrounding hospitals

BKSJGI works with a spirit to infuse mutual cooperation and growth in its employees as well as students. For the welfare of the students, Dean Students Welfare, Hostel Wardens and round the clock Medical experts are available. They take every precaution for the welfare of the students while performing their duty with utmost responsibility and care. Teachers work as Class Counselors and look at the basic needs of the students in terms of their studies and other requirements. These BKSJGI also remain in regular touch with the parents so as to keep them informed about the performance of their wards in college.